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Introducing the PHP-DI bridge for Slim

Dependency Injection is one of the most talked topics now a days. DI is the way of injecting dependency into code, so that code is configured by external entity, is testable and isolated.

PHP-DI ( is a dependency injection container, supposed to make di more simple and practical.

Slim Framework is a PHP micro-framework, which comes with its own container, called Pimple. This article by Matthieu Napoli tells how to use PHP-DI with Slim framework.

Slim 3 was released 3 months ago and it was significant. It is one of the first frameworks to integrate the latest standards and concepts in its core:

It is very easy to replace the default container (Pimple) with PHP-DI, but today we are releasing a “PHP-DI - Slim” bridge that goes a little further. Read below for an introduction of what’s possible with the PHP-DI bridge.